Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can alumni or retirees access Lynda through Harvard?
A: Harvard's license agreement with lynda.com allows us to provide access to their site to current Harvard students, staff, and faculty members only. Unfortunately, alumni and retirees are not covered under this license agreement and are therefore not eligible. 

Q: Can employees of affiliated institutions access Lynda through Harvard?
A: Staff at affiliated institutions are not employees of Harvard University and are therefore not covered by the Harvard site license, even if they have an active Harvard ID.

Q: Can Extenstion School students access Lynda through Harvard?
A: Yes. Students who are currently enrolled at the Extension School can access Lynda through Harvard while their enrollment is active.

Q: How do I log on to the lynda mobile app?
A: To access lyndaCampus through a mobile device, download and launch the lynda app.  On the app login screen, switch from Individual to Organization login and enter “harvard.edu” in the Web Portal field. Then, when you click log in, it will take you to a Harvard page to enter your Key.  Once that's authenticated, you'll be passed back to the lynda app.

Q: Do I have to be on-campus to use my lynda.com account?
A: No. Once you've been authenticated as a current Harvard student, staff, or faculty member by logging in with your HarvardKey, you can access lynda from anywhere.

Q: Is lyndaCampus really free?
A: Yes, a University-wide site license for lyndaCampus has been paid for by the Harvard Human Resources Center For Workplace Development to help provide just-in-time training and professional development opportunities to currently active Harvard staff, students and faculty.  Once your account is set up, you can log into the lynda.com site 24/7 and take as many of their classes as you want, on any topic you want.

Q: Do I need permission to take lynda.com classes? How does this count towards my hours? 
A: As with attending an in-person class, staff members should always arrange with their supervisors ahead of time if they want to take classes during regular work hours.  If you are overtime eligible and want to take lyndaCampus classes during work hours, you are required to request your manager’s approval  in advance, just as you would if you were taking time to attend any classroom training, meeting, or program that takes place during work hours.  Since lyndaCampus is accessible from any computer, some staff may choose to participate in training on their own time.  Overtime eligible staff should note that any lyndaCampus courses taken during off hours should not be reported as time worked and will not qualify for overtime pay.

Q: Does lynda.com offer training on subjects other than computer software? 
A: Yes. The majority of their courses are on computer software, but they've got hundreds of classes on presentation skills, photography, music, design, resume building, productivity, project management and more.  It's also worth checking out their original creative inspiration documentaries.

Q: Can I take Oracle or PeopleSoft classes through lynda? What about IT certification training? Is this replacing SkillSoft / Element K?
A: No. lyndaCampus doesn't offer training on enterprise systems like Oracle and PeopleSoft or custom-designed tools that are unique to Harvard.  For users of those systems, Harvard's Center for Workplace Development will continue to offer instructor-led classes and online training to the University community.  For IT developers looking to take courses for certification, CWD will continue to offer individual SkillSoft (formerly Element K) licenses for those who wish to purchase them.

Q: Can I still take classes at CWD?
A: Yes.  We know that not everyone learns in the same way and that some staff may want or need to attend in-person training classes.  LyndaCampus is not intended to replace classroom training, but to supplement it.  The Center for Workplace Development will continue to offer open registration, instructor-led classes on common desktop systems, custom Harvard financial and HR systems, and career and professional development for Harvard employees.

Q: My department developed some training materials for software that isn't on lynda, can we add it to the site?
A: We can't upload our own classes to the lynda.com site as their content is produced and managed by them.  However, lynda.com adds 5-10 new courses each week and is always looking for new topics and new trainers.  If you're an expert on a topic that isn't covered by their site already, take a look at their call for trainers page for details.


Got more questions? Send them to lynda@harvard.edu.