Mobile Access

Mobile access can be done through either the Lynda iOS or Android app or through Lynda's mobile site.  You can also find instructions below for accessing Lynda's Roku channel with your Harvard lyndaCampus account.


To log in to the Lynda app: Current Harvard students and employees are already considered members of the app, but need to use the "Organization" login option, not the "Individual" login. Once you get to the app login screen, switch to Organization tab and enter “” in the Web Portal field. That will take you to a Harvard page where can enter your HarvardKey. After authenticating your access, you'll be redirected back to Lynda. Please note: the mobile app is in the process of being rebranded, more detailed app login can be found in this mobile login quick reference guide.


To log in to the Lynda mobile site: Use your mobile browser to go to and click on the "Log in to lyndaCampus" button on that page.  That will take you to a Harvard page where you can enter your HarvardKey and get passed through to Lynda once your access is authenticated.


To log in to the Lynda Roku channel: After launching the Lynda Roku channel, you’ll need to follow the steps below.  For instructions on getting the Lynda Channel added to your Roku device, refer to the Lynda Roku App page:

  1. Click on Code Login. 
  2. Get the 6-digit code. 
  3. Use a desktop/mobile browser to go to and follow the link there to log into lynda with your Harvard Key. 
  4. Once logged in, go to on your browser. 
  5. Enter the 6-digit code on the page (this will link the Roku device to your account). 
  6. Return back to the Roku screen, which after a few seconds should now show you logged in.