Register for your lyndaCampus account

As of February 12, 2016, a separate registration process is no longer required for Harvard students, staff, and faculty to get a Lynda account.  Instead, they can just access Lynda through the red "Log In" button at

Clicking that button takes users to a Harvard-owned, single-sign-on page where they can enter their HarvardKey (or HUID&PIN) to confirm their identity and status as a current student or staff member.  Once that's done, they'll be automatically passed through to Lynda. Please note that only current students, staff, and faculty members of Harvard University are authorized to access through this system.

The first time a user logs into Lynda using their HarvardKey or HUID/PIN, they'll be asked if they have a prior Lynda account and if they want to transfer the account history from that account to their new one.  Doing so will copy the history of viewed and completed courses, bookmarks, and other information from a former Lynda account to the new one associated with the single-sign-on ID.  We strongly suggest that users take advantage of this option, as it will only be offered upon their first log in.

If you are having problems accessing Lynda through Harvard: Email for assistance. Please provide your name and affiliation with the University (either the department you work for or school you attend).